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Can we please talk about beauty TOGETHER?

Last week I launched this newsletter and I was delighted to receive compliments and positive feedback. In case you haven't received it, you can find the first email HERE.

I know it wasn't perfect, but hey, who says that we have to be perfect to do something? Take Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, for example. She went to the Venice Film Festival, stepped in front of the photographers and she was beautiful. Beautiful but not perfect. Thank to that little label attached to the jacket :). Georgina, you are one of us and still cool!

More about Italy

Today, September 11, starts the "Festival della Bellezza", a festival dedicated to beauty and eros in Verona, which has raised a huge debate as it is a male thing. No women invited except for the sister of and the wife of... Plus, the Festival poster is a painting entitled "Girl with a bee dress", portrays a child and has been used without asking permission to its author, the painter Maggie Taylor.
Festival bellezza
Maggie Taylor's "Girl with a Bee Dress", 2004. Inkjet print.
This Festival is all wrong. It pretends to talk about beauty and eros where women are the object (again) but not the subject. There is an elephant in the room and it is the incapability of men to accept the fact that inclusivity is not an option when you organize a cultural event that aims at bringing knowledge.

As far as the copyright violation is concerned, the organizers tried to apologize saying "sorry for the misunderstanding but we had the permission of the Italian representative" which is like you borrowing my favourite bag just because my sister told you so. If I see you with my little Fendi green and cute baguette, check under your bed. I might be there to discuss about property in the middle of the night and it won't be pleasant!

Note to self: write the handbook "True apologies: a guide for men".

On the blog

I am going on writing on the places I have visited this Summer, and this week you will find a long post about Matera. I hope you can notice that it is a love declaration to the second city of Basilicata, the region of my mum and dad. And because of its beauty, this region is a true movie star.

Did you know that the last James Bond was filmed (also) here? Want a proof?


Can you recognize the square of the first scene? It is that in front of the Church dedicated to Sant'Agostino and that you can find at the beginning of my post.

While here you can see my contribution to my friend's reportage. He really asked me to "hold him" while taking the photo!

Me saving my friend Alessandro's life in Matera. It is a hard job but someone has to do it.
I also wrote a post about Avocuddle, a bistrot I tried last Sunday. The young couple who runs it is passionate and very committed, the place is nice and the food really well prepared and served. It is in Torino, in the city centre... in case you are visiting my city. You can find it HERE.
So, in case you want to live in Italy, there are a lot of cultural inclusive festivals to organize.
But not only...

Job Opportunities

In Torino, my city, the UN is looking for an Intern in Crime Prevention

Bonelli Erede, in Milan, is looking for a Team Assistant who is Native English Speaker.

Also Shippy Pro in Florence is looking for a PR Consultant who is a Native English Speaker

And there is always someone who is looking for teachers, like this agency based in Trentino Alto Adige.

What's next

What do Alpacas have in common with Dracula's daughter? Nope, this story has nothing to do with a movie...but it still involves Basilicata .

See you soon,

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