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New beginning and good resolutions

September is like the beginning of a new year. You come back from summer holidays, you have new ideas and projects and you want to move mountains. So, you subscribe to a gym, start (another) diet and think on how to boost your finances.

I haven’t started a new diet yet and I am still deciding which fitness course to start (maybe this is the pole dance year) but I am definitely trying to commit more on writing on my blog.

Hi, my name is Lori and probably you subscribed to this newsletter many years ago. I run a blog dedicated to Italy, where I try to talk about my beautiful country suggesting unusual places to visit or providing tips as a local. It is not easy, as blogging today has become a job, and when you already have a job (I am an interpreter and translator), you struggle to find enough time to write, edit, select and post photos.
Here I am (the one in the centre!)
Here I am (the one in the centre!)
I have to accept the fact that I will never be perfect. I will make mistakes, my pics won’t be as beautiful as professional ones, but as my dear friend Ella always repeats: done is better than perfect. So, I’ll try to write more and to reach you once a week to tell you what is going on not only on the blog but in Italy in general.

Please, forgive all my imperfections and mistakes. And write me if you have tips or even critics to help me improve.

So, talking about the Belpaese, the Venice Festival has started and, with it, the end of a crazy summer. It is quite impressive to see actors and actresses in their designer clothes and masks.

With Covid-19 still spreading, Italy is experiencing tourism without foreigners which has its pros and cons. You can enjoy Rome or Venice more, and even get the chance to take a picture of the Barcaccia under the Spanish Steps with few people around, but the tourist sector is certainly suffering, we miss you guys from the other side of the pond!

This summer I remained in Italy as the great majority of Italians. I went to my beautiful Basilicata, my parents’ region. Basilicata is still unknown to mass tourism, even if, thanks to Matera, it is gaining more and more popularity. You can find a first general article here. You will find more details in the next week about the villages I visited in August.

I also went to the seaside near Sorrento, in Campania. I’m collecting all the pics and info to write more in details. I tried the University of Pizza, do you think it was worth the visit?
University of Pizza
A meter of Pizza at the Pizza University
In the meantime, you can read about Besnik, an amazing Albanian artist who lives and works in Sicily. I had the pleasure to interview him during the lockdown.

In order to be more useful, this newsletter will also include some job offers. Maybe you or someone you know, are planning to move to Italy, or maybe a remote collaboration is just what you are looking for. As the blog is in English, job offers will span into different sectors but will always focus on the research of English speakers.

So, in case you are thinking of moving to Italy, Fao in Rome is looking for a Food and Nutrition expert.

As well as an Office Assistant.

And an IT Assistant.

If you are dreaming about moving to Umbria, The Language Center S.r.l. is looking for a Business English Instructor.

I confess, I am really nervous as I am about to push the send button. Send me a message. Let me know what do you think of this newsletter, or just a line to tell me about you and how is life treating you right know.

I’ll really appreciate any kind of feedback, just be kind. As I am always on a diet and I can’t eat chocolate, I might get easily emotional J

Thanks for reading until the end,

P.S: if you have received this newsletter from a friend, you can subscribe here.

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