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jkdDaniele is from San Michele al Tagliamento, a village in the Venice province, but for the moment he lives in Torino. He graduated in printmaking techniques in 2003 and Graphic and Virtual Design in 2006. He works as trainer and virtual designer in the Consorzio Nuove Imprese of Torino. His hobbies are Martial Arts (Silat and Kali). Since 2007 he is a Jeek Kune Do Fisam trainer. He has a lot of shortcomings and amon g those he is able to cook, do the laundry and iron but he hates doing thewashing-up. His motto is: “Never give it up”

flamenchinaLori is from Torino, but has also lived in Paris and London. She has a degree in Foreign Languages (English and German) and a postdegree in Conference Interpreting. She works as free-lance interpreter and linguistic consultant for different companies and agencies (Fiat, Turismo Torino, Palazzo Bricherasio) as well as the Court of Torino. She teaches English in private schools and at the University. She studies flamenco and collect cook-books. She’s not able to cook, but apart that, has no shortcomings. She thinks!

Jay is English and is the proofreader of this blog. He criticizes everything Lori writes, and she helps him doing it spreading mistakes here and there.
He loves learning and has read books on any topic imaginable. One day he would like to enter a general knowledge quiz on the television. He feels that he lived in the Wild West in a past life.
He teaches music and loves twitting. You can find him here


  1. dario
    ott 03, 2008 @ 15:55:32

    Daniele GREAT TEACHER!


  2. Michelle
    ott 14, 2008 @ 22:44:02

    Am loving your blog, keep it coming


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